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Core Physics for class 11

By S B Mathur, A Kumar

This book caters to the needs of the students of Class 11 of CBSE, ICSE or other boards which follow the Core Syllabus. It has been divided into five parts, keeping in mind the difficulty that students face in going through lengthy chapters that cover all aspects of the topics required for the board examinations as well as the competitive examinations. Thus, the first three parts give the students a basic grounding in the subject, while the last two parts aim at enhancing their proficiency in applying the concepts they have learnt to answer questions of greater complexity. The key features of the book are as follows.

  • Lucid explanation of the concepts
  • In-text examples to explain how to apply the concepts to solve problems
  • Solved examples at the end of each chapter
  • A brief summary of the important points covered in each chapter
  • Exercises with objective and subjective questions, as well as numerical problems selected carefully from board examinations and other sources
  • Answers to the objective questions and the numerical problems and hints for solving the more complex problems
  • Miscellaneous solved examples (Part 4), including some questions from the medical and engineering entrance examinations held in preceding years
  • Miscellaneous objective questions of the types asked in the entrance examinations of the professional institutions (medical as well as engineering)

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