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Book » Junior World for Class 3

Junior World  for Class 3

Junior World for Class 3

By Chandana Banerjee, Yogita Gautam

This is a part of a series of social studies books for primary-school students. The content has been graded carefully, keeping in mind the level of comprehension and the language skills of the students. The chapters on civics and the social and natural environment have been designed to help the student relate the text to everyday experiences. The elements of geography have been introduced in a fashion that encourages exploration, while familiar things and comic strips have been used to impart information in the chapters on history.

Special features

  • Snippets of information to provoke thought, arouse curiosity or simply entertain
  • A New Words and Main Points section at the end of each chapter
  • Exercises with different types of questions, including questions that require application or higher order thinking skills
  • A More to Do section at the end of each chapter that has additional questions and activities. It includes sticker activities, picture identification, word grids, etc.
  • Group activities and discussions to encourage cooperation and sharing of experiences and opinions
  • Inculcating values, mostly by raising questions, giving examples and encouraging discussion, and sometimes by suggesting positive action


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