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Book » Essential ICSE Biology for Class 6

Essential ICSE Biology for Class 6

Essential ICSE Biology for Class 6

By R N Bhattacharjee

This book is part of a middle-school series on biology that follows the syllabus prescribed by the ICSE board. It has been designed to encourage the curiosity of young minds about the living world around them and inculcate an investigative spirit that is so essential in the learning of science. The language has been kept simple and the concepts have been explained in a manner that will be comprehensible to students coming up from the primary level.

This series has the following special features.

  • Photographs, diagrams and tables to help the students relate better to the text
  • In-text activities and experiments using things that are easily accessible (as far as possible) to allow the students to learn through experimentation and observation
  • Examples of the application of biological science in everyday life
  • A section called Points to Remember to help the students revise the important concepts dealt with in a chapter
  • Different types of exercises to assess the students’ understanding of the concepts
  • A Postscript section in some chapters, with additional information and activities to encourage the students to explore on their own

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