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Bright Hearts 6

Bright Hearts 6

By Benita Sen

Bright Hearts is a series on value education and life skills that aims to mould young hearts and minds into confident and caring individuals. The series is a journey through universal human values like honesty, kindness, patience, courage and generosity. While exploring these values through thought-provoking stories, poems and anecdotes, the students creatively experience them through meaningful and fun-filled activities, games and exercises. These help the children question, reflect, discuss, as well as make positive choices.

Key features

  • Simple, age-appropriate lessons that convey universal human values
  • Main values summarised at the end of each lesson
  • Attractive design and illustrations to appeal to the young learner
  • Tips and suggestions for the teacher to conduct classroom activities
  • Variety of activities that provide food for thought
  • Interesting and fun-filled exercises and activities that help the children apply what they have learnt

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