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Book » Phonics: The Sound of Letters 3

Phonics: The Sound of Letters 3

Phonics: The Sound of Letters 3

This book is part of a carefully planned, fully illustrated 4-book series. With a child-friendly, step-by-step approach, the series aims to build a strong connection between letters and their distinct sounds. This enables children to speak, read and spell with confidence.

Key features

  • Meets the requirements of NEP/NCF
  • The new NCERT English books (Mridang) have elements of phonics.
  • Structured and systematic approach to teaching phonics
  • Engaging exercises and activities
  • Glossary of key phonetic terms given at the end of the book
  • The book can be introduced at different classes for different schools. For example, some schools may want to introduce phonics at the KG level, while others may want to introduce it at class 1.
  • Digital resources are available to help introduce phonics and to show how to use the techniques used in the book. These include audio, e-exercises and animations that can be run on mobiles and computers. Resources for teachers include answer to questions given in the book.


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