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Science Explorer 1

Science Explorer 1

This book is part of a series of science books for primary-school students. It is suitable for various national boards. It aims to create an interest in science, and to encourage children to learn through experimentation and observation.

Key features

  • Meets the requirements of NEP/NCF
  • Concepts explained in a simple manner with the help of examples from everyday life
  • Colourful photographs, illustrations, cartoons and tables have been added to make learning enjoyable
  • Simple activities using things that are easily available to encourage children to explore and discover things for themselves
  • Snippets of information have been included to arouse curiosity, and to provide necessary explanations
  • A section called `Making Connections’ given at the end of each chapter includes puzzles, activities and stories to encourage children to think and to integrate various topics learnt across subjects
  • Digital resources are available which include answers to questions given in the book, audio, and different types of exercise such as MCQ, matching, etc.

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