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MathStar Primer

MathStar Primer

This book is a part of a series of mathematics books for the primary level. It introduces young learners to the magical world of numbers. It is visually attractive with illustrations that will hold the child’s attention.

Key features

  • Meets the requirements of NEP/NCF
  • Uses visuals to explain concepts
  • Has a good mix of exercises with adequate sums
  • Includes activities to promote hands-on learning. These can be done easily with readily available things
  • A section called ‘Practise Again’ given at intervals helps learners to keep in touch with concepts learnt earlier
  • `Rocket maths’ encourages learners to develop skills of solving puzzles, doing quick calculations (mental maths) and tricky sums
  • Digital resources are available. These include e-exercises and animations that can be run on mobiles and computers.
  • Teacher resources also available.

Sample e-resources



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