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My Grammar Time 5

My Grammar Time 5

My Grammar Time is a series of English grammar books. At its core is a simple and direct approach to teach the rules of the English language. Grammar is taught using simple examples from everyday situations, making it familiar and relevant. Each chapter is structured to encourage young learners to identify the different parts of speech and their functions from multiple examples, rather than learning them by rote.

Key Features

  • Spiral structure  Progression from simple to complex, with recapitulation of the basics at every stage
  • Visual appeal  Bright, child-friendly graphics on every page
  • Sufficient practice  Wide-ranging exercises such as gap fills, matching, crosswords, tables and charts, with visual and word clues
  • Workbook format  Writing space provided for each exercise
  • Integrated reading skills  Comprehension passages, including prose and poetry
  • Writing skills  A guided composition section with models and formats
  • Reviews  Tests after each section to assess learning
  • Special sections  Grammar Builder and Word Fun to aid reinforcement of concepts

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